A-Z Scrap Items We Can Recycle



Air Conditioners*,

Airplanes, Alloys, Aluminum,

Appliances, Automobiles, Awnings,

Axles Back hoes, Baking Pans, Bales, Banding*,

Barbecues, Barges, Barrels, Bath Tubs, Batteries, Bearings,

Bicycles, Blocks, Boats, Bolts, Bobcats, Borings, Buoys, Branches,

Brass, Bronze, Brush, Bumpers, Buses,Bushings, BX Cable Cable*, Cam Shafts,

Cars, Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Catalytic Converters, Chain, Chainsaws, Circuit Boards,

Coax, Construction Demo, Conveying Systems, Copiers, Copper, Counter Weights, Cranes, Crank Shafts,

Cymbals Desks, Destroyers, Die Cast, Dishwashers, Dollies, Doors, Down Spouts, Drilling Equipment, Driveshafts,

Dryers, Dumpsters, Dumptrucks Eddycurrent Separators, Electric Frying Pans, Electric Motors, Electrical Wire, Electronic Scrap,

Elevators, Engines, Engine Blocks, Excavators, Extrusions Fans, Farm Machinery, Faucets, Fence Posts, Fencing, Fenders, Filing Cabinets,

Fixtures, Forklifts, 45 Gal. drums*, Freezers*, Fridges*, Furnaces Galvanized Steel, Garage Doors, Garbage Cans, Garden Sheds, Garden Waste,

Gas Stoves, Gears, Gold, Golf Carts, Golf Clubs, Grapples, Grills, Grinders, Gutters H-Beam, Hand tools, Heaters, Heatpumps, High Tensile Steel, Horse

Shoes, Hot Water Tanks, Household Metals, Hub Caps I-Beams, Insulated Wire, Iron, Irony Jacks, Jerry Cans*, Jewellry, Jigsaws, Junk Metals K-Monel, Kegs,

Kettles, Kitchen sinks, Knives Ladders, Lawn Chairs, Lawn Mowers, Lead, Leaves, Light Fixtures*, Loaders, Locomotives, Logging Equipment Magnesium, Magnets,

Mags, Manganese, Metal Shelves, Meteorological Equipment, Micrometers, Microwaves, Millberry, Minesweepers, Monel, Money, Motor Blocks, Mufflers Nails, Navy

Bronze, New Cars, NiCad Batteries, Nickel, Neihard, Non-Ferrous, Nuts Oil Tanks*, Old Appliances, Old Cars, Outboard Motors, Oversized Metals Palladium,

Pallets, Pewter, Photocopiers, Pie Plates, Pig Iron, Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Pistons, Pop Cans, Pop Machines, Posts, Pots & Pans, Printing Plates, Propellors,

Pumps Q-Decking, Quart Cans, Queens' Crowns, Quoit Radiators, Railings, Railroad Tracks, Rear Ends, Rebar, Red Brass, Roll-off Bins Sawmills,

Scales, Scrap Metal, Screws, Shell Casings, Shelving, Ships, Shopping Carts, Siding, Silver, Skeletons, Slag, Soffits, Solder, Springs,

Stainless Steel, Steel, Stoves, Structural Steel, Stumps, Studs Tablesaws, Tanks, Tops, Tech Cable, Timber, Tin, Tire

Molds, Titanium, Toasters, Tools, Tractors, Triplex, Trombones, Trucks, Trumpets, Tubas, Tubing, Turnings,

Typewriters U-Haul Trucks, Ultra-lights, Umbrella stands, Unprepared Metals, Unwanted Scrap

Metal Valves, Valve Springs, Vans, Venetian Blinds, Vices Warships, Washers, Water

Meters, Weedeaters, Welding Cable, Wheels, Wire, Wire Cloth, Wood,

Wood Boats, Wrought Iron X-Ray Machines (Radiation Free),

Xerox Machines, Xylophones Yarders, Yellow Brass

Zinc, Zirconium,


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Scrap Specifications Circular

Guidelines for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap

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The LME is a 24-hour market with trading taking place through an inter-office telephone market and LME Select, an electronic trading platform. The LME is most famous for its open-outcry trading between ring dealing members, which takes place on the market floor.

Each day the LME announces a set of official prices, which are determined from the open-outcry trading. This trading is highly liquid and trade and industry has confidence that they properly reflect the current supply/demand situation.

These prices are used by industry worldwide as the basis for contracts for the movement of physical material throughout the production cycle. 


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